What We Offer

With Plus Sure, you can feel certain that your future is safe. whether its car, home or personal insurance, we're dedicated to finding the right policy for you.

Our trained consultants will analyse your needs, and then source and compare quotes from established, reputable institutions - including Santam, Mutual & Federal, Regent, Zurich and Lion of Africa.

Plus Sure will then make recommendations based on your preferences, budgets and extent of cover. From then on, we facilitate everything, so you never have to in line or beg for a claim to be processed. But Plus Sure is much more than a broker that provides you with insurance.

Plus Sure is also committed to its goal of growing the community by providing resources that can help you understand insurance and guide you through securing your future.

To do this we have introduced Plus Sure's free, online service "The Insurance Guide" which you can use without having to signup. No obligations, no charges, no commitments.

If however you choose to signup with Plus Sure, our consultants will be with you throughout the process of insuring your possessions and property, providing more tailored advice when it comes to securing your future.

They will provide personal service, advice and direction to you, explaining every detail along the way, making sure that you never have to face uncertainty alone.

Car Insurance

Owning a vehicle is about convenience, comfort and freedom. Why shouldn’t your car insurance offer the same as well.

Home Insurance

Your home is where you should feel most secure and safe.

Personal Insurance

Being mobile doesn’t mean you can’t be certain that your possessions are safe.

Building Insurance

Your building is probably the last thing you think you might need cover for, but it’s also the most valuable of your possessions.

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