Make certain everything in your home is protected by a policy that suits you:

Home Content
Cover for valuables at home - such as your TV, appliances and furniture - against theft, fire water damage and natural disasters

Make Your Home Your Castle

Whatever is valuable to you, is valuable to us and Plus Sure is committed to protecting the contents of your home in the event of fire, water damage, theft and range of threats - foreseeable or not.

Whether it's the glass top of your dining room table, the contents in your freezer, or your personal documents, Plus Sure will ensure that you are indemnified against damage, deterioration or loss of your possessions.

Plus Sure even covers the loss of smaller - but no less important - such as keys, locks and remotes, so that you aren't inconvenienced in any way when it comes to accessing your home and property

In case of theft and damage, Plus Sure will protect your house hold goods (including groceries!) as well as the belongings of domestic worker.

We'll even go a step further (because that's what Plus Sure is all about!) and make sure that if an insured event occurs, you will be indemnified for the employment of a guard to protect your insured property.

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