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Choosing the right insurance can be pretty scary, but Plus Sure is committed to providing you with the know-how to navigate your way through the process so that you can find the insurance solution that suits you. The Insurance Guide tells you all you need to know about insurance, its accompanying benefits and possible disadvantages... all for free.

It's Plus Sure's way of showing you that we're sincere in our goal of adding certainty to your future, offering personal services such as guidance and advice from the get-go

What is Insurance?

Insurance is usually associated with a host of negative images and perceptions - like loss, risk and uncertainty.

Worse many people see the way insurance is run as a form of exploitation, paying for schemes that come with fine prints and details that are not easily understood.

The concept of insurance dates back to an age old practice in communities where the people were safeguarded from unforeseen tragedy and loss.

People would give a share of their wealth to a common fund that would provide for the community in the case of a possible eventuality.

Protects you from uncertainty in loss, damage or death.
Protect your personal valuables, car, home or building
Eases your worries
The type of policy you have depends on whether there would be repairs, replacements or compensation of your loss.

Insurance schemes can be complex that some policy holders may not understand.
As a result, many people end up paying for policies that have unfavourable terms.
Insurers might also limit benefits of insurance for arbitrary and unfair reasons.

How do I take out Insurance?

Taking out Insurance is pretty easy. You speak to a broker, get a quote and might need fill out a few forms, send through some details and sign a page or two, but that doesn't mean you are fully covered. With Plus Sure, we put an emphasis on providing guidance and service that walks you through the entire process, so that you know exactly what you are paying for as a customer.

Why Plus Sure?

Plus Sure aims to go back to the time when communities, businesses and individuals were able to find security and peace of mind, and grow themselves so that they could thrive together.

Plus Sure doesn't compete with existing insurance companies and policies, but under writes (or accepts liability) from them on your behalf, so that you find the possible policy from the best possible insurer.

- We analyse your need to find a policy that will suit you best.

- We source and compare quotes from established, reputable institutions

- We facilitate everything, so you never have to wait in line or beg for a claim to be processed.

Many insurance companies and underwriters put an emphasis on gaining the trust of the customer and potential policyholder, but Plus Sure goes one Step further in dedicating itself to guiding and educating the person that wants to protect themselves by taking out insurance. In addition, Plus Sure will be with you throughout, making sure that you never have to face uncertainty alone and without expert advice and direction.

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