We offer car insurance that protects your vehicle from different types of risks

These include:
• Comprehensive Cover
Full protection against accident, theft, fire, natural disaster and third party claims.
• 3rd party theft and fire
Provides cover in accidents where other vehicles are involved, but also includes cases of theft and fire.
• 3rd party only
Pays out damages to third parties in the case of accidents and collisions.

Towing the line

With Plus Sure the insurer does not wait until you have filed a claim to provide assistance when your vehicle has been involved is an accident. The insurer will ensure that your damaged vehicle is towed by a pre-approved panel of tow truck operators, and taken to a reputable panel beater, or place for safe storage in the event that the accident occurs after hours. You can call at any time and on any day of the week. It's just one of the many ways that we try to assist, every step of the way. Please note that in the event of an accident, you shouldn't let the first tow truck to arrive on the scene tow your car. Always seek advice and consult with your policy or consultant, as careless handling of the vehicle after the accident might jeopardise the terms of your policy. If you happen to lose your keys or remote through theft, or if the lock on your car is damaged, the insurer will indemnify you in replacing or duplicating your keys, including the reprogramming involved in replacing the remote and security system of your car. Keeping you on the road also means keeping you safe when traveling, so if your head, tail or spotlights are damaged through accident, the insurer will indemnify you in replacing any or all of these lights.

Keep Moving

Plus Sure wants to keep you moving in life. With the policy's motor vehicle cover, we provide all the basic elements of insurance — such as settlements and repairs in the case of theft or accidents — as well as a host of services that will keep you feeling safe, on the road and off.

If an accident occurs, the insurer pays for the protection and removal of your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or panel beater, offering 24-hour telephonic service. Plus Sure offers policies that will also authorise repairs for you, without our consent — provided detailed quotes are passed on immediately — so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

If you're delayed, the policy will pay for emergency accommodation for you and your passengers.

When it's all over, you can also have your repaired vehicle delivered to you!

Plus Sure understands that being involved in a motor vehicle accident or hijacking can be a traumatic experience, so you need not worry about the costs surrounding the event. The policy can assist with medical expenses, emergency costs and even trauma treatment.

After all, Plus Sure is all about providing you with safety and certainty.

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