Plus Sure helps you feel certain that your castle is safe with insurance policies to suit your specific needs as a building-owner

Building cover Protection against structural damage to your building caused by burst pipes or geysers, floods, fire and even natural disasters.

Come Rain or... Lightning?

Building cover protects you against almost all that nature can throw at you, including floods, storms, lightning, fire, earthquakes, landslips and even attacks by monkeys or baboons (Yes, seriously!). You will also be protected against not-so-natural even, such as fire and explosion.

Accidental damage to your water, sewerage, telephone or electricity connections? No problem. If the connection is a public supply, we will pay for or repair the damage.

Policies will also pay for accidental breakage of antennae or aerials along with glass and sanitary ware. In addition, your building will be covered in the event of damaged incurred by burst geysers and break-ins.

And at not lust your building that's covered! The insurer will also indemnify you there are fallen trees or if your garden is damaged in the case of an insured event.

It's all about adding certainty when it comes to safeguarding and securing your property against unforeseen incidents and circumstances.

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